Camera Phones

Camera cell phones would certainly place in the top five technologies of all time if the success of technology was measured by how quickly it spreads. More than 80 million camera phones were sold last year around the world. This year, that number will likely increase.

Camera phones are well on their way to becoming one of the most popular consumer electronic devices ever created. All major cell phone service providers offer several different camera phones. Similar to their regular cell phone counterparts, cell phone cameras offer the convenience of older cellular phones with the advantage of being able to take pictures and then transmit those images to other cell phones. Most photos can be sent anywhere in the world via email, most in less than a minute.

Unlike many other new technologies, camera cell phones are items rarely left home. Most cell phone users take their phones everywhere they go. With a camera phone, users capture pictures whenever and wherever they happen to be. Unlike digital cameras, camera phones allow users to transmit photos immediately to anyone with an email address.

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05/17/04 - The Motorola V600 is added

03/25/04 - The Nokia 3650 and Samsung A600 camera phones are added.

03/15/04 - The chatnsnap website is launched.

03/03/04 - The chatnsnap website domain is registered.