Camera Phones

Camera cell phones are now produced by all major cell phone manufacturers. The most popular camera phone is the clam shell-style phone. Some makers are expanding on this traditional design, opting to make one-half of the phone swivel around to let the camera phone user take self-portraits and other interesting photos.

The camera phones vary in style and features. Some of the newer models come with moving lenses to zoom in and out for a better photo, topping older models with decidedly fixed lenses. Newer camera cell phones also may have removable digital media similar to digital cameras.

As technology continues to improve, we will see camera phones that rival digital cameras in terms of quality.

Ways that people use camera phones:

  • People like to take pictures of themselves, others or their surroundings. Camera phones are a quick way to capture the image, especially if you don.t have your actual camera with you.
  • Some camera phone users take photographs of your family and friends, then programming the photos into the phone.s address book to match contacts. phone numbers. When that person calls, his or her photo flashes on the screen.
  • Small businesses use camera cell phones to take photos of parts they need and email the images to the suppliers.
  • Real estate agents take pictures of properties and send the camera phone images to clients.
Motorola V600   Motorola V400   Nokia 3650   Samsung A600   

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03/25/04 - The Motorola V600 and Samsung A600 camera phones are added.